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1.Jester Chess
2.Shredder Chess

Thank you for playing chess against computer on our site. If you want to play chess against real opponents from the entire world, click Register and start your adventure.


  • Castling is done by moving the king, rook moves automatically.
  • When swapping sides computer makes its move instantly (since it's its turn) so you may be disoriented at first and not notice it.
  • May be slow/jerky with some browsers/computers

Computer Chess

If you can't start the game click here to download "Java" software!!!

JESTER, the strongest pure java chess program

Select side color for Jester.

  • Then click [New Game] button to start a new game.
  • To play a move, click the piece to move and click the destination square.

  • Options :
    • "Spy" mode :

    • Enabled : View Jester's thought.
    • Hide white & black pieces :

    • These options allow you to play a half or full-blindfold game.
    • Variations of chess game :

    • - Normal game : the normal chess game.
      - Fantasy style : like as normal game, but sometimes Jester plays a strange, an unexpected  move (not really the best move) which completely baffles you and "puts fire on board".
      - Clownish style : like as normal game, but when Jester gets a decisive advantage, he'll play a very bad move giving you a chance to win.
      - One-Step-Beyond : white pawns are on the 3rd rank, black pawns on the 6th rank.
      - Vaureal Dawn : knights & bishops switch their initial position on board.
      - Crazy Horses : bishops are replaced by knights.
      - Lethal Amazones : knights & bishops are replaced by queens.
      - Throne of chaos : like as Fischerandom game.
    • Edit mode :

    • - Click [Edit board] button to enter in edit mode. Select a piece with [Select piece] button and click on the square to place a new piece. When all done, click again [Edit board] button to leave edit mode.
      Then, click [New game] button to start a game with the new position. White side always plays first.
    Other buttons :
    • Oops! :

    • Take bake last player move. Not allowed in K.O. game.
      Warning: Sometimes Jester cheats if you use often this button !
    • Quit :

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