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Top 10 Players (Rating)
· drjugovic (1794)
· kariku (1727)
· wh47 (1714)
· Paja (1692)
· MarkoZnik (1686)
· Hippy33 (1683)
· Tuxard (1678)
· (1676)
· Rocky (1657)
· Turhan (1635)

Top 10 Players (Points)
· deki13 (384)
· Paja (233)
· (221)
· Rocky (174)
· Hippy33 (153)
· Turhan (152)
· MarcoCarreto (128)
· MarkoZnik (113)
· drjugovic (99)
· wh47 (98)

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Welcome! offers the chance to play live chess free in an attractive interface without registration. We also offer chess tournaments, team play, and casual games, both rated and unrated. If you are looking for a great place to play chess, come in and stay a while! If you want to play chess against strong computer without registration click now play chess against the computer!!! You can also view our chess wallpapers and other desktop wallpapers!

This site best viewed at 1024x768 screen resolution (minimum).

Correspondence chess

Play correspondence chess games worldwide with real players! provides server based correspondence chess games or live chess games . Human players play against each other here and their games are refereed and recorded by the chess server. Also you can play chess against computer or play live chess games on 5,10 and 20min in this club.
In correspondence chess players can play many games simultaneously. Some of them may last several weeks or months. You do not need not to sit in front of your computer at the same time as your opponent because moves are delivered in email messages and you have days of thinking time for each move.
Use of computer or other help for generating, verifying moves is forbidden here.
The club is open to anyone who has an email address and follows the club regulations.
Membership and all activity in the club are free, and also free from any advertising and business dealings.
Registered players can use all the services of the club. This means they can...

chess against computer Play many rated and friendly games simultaneously.
chess against computer Challenge each other or can they request rating based pairing.
correspondence chess Enter chess tournaments.
chess wallpapers Choose time controls, such as the 1,3,5,7,10,14 days per move.
chess games Send and receive messages between players. Messages can be sent alongside moves as is common in traditional correspondence chess, or separately.
chess free Start new games from predefined setups, use predefined openings.
live chess Use the traditional PGN format to send and receive moves, a simple text format, or a graphical format.
play chess against computer Use different forms of chess notation, and conditional moves too.
free chess games Study analysis sent in by other players and can share their knowledge with others by writing analysis.
free online chess Can join existing teams or can create new teams.

Using our chess server means that...

only you can this playchess Players need not be online at the same time, because they get their opponents' moves, challenges, messages by email.
chess tournaments Web access is not required, and there is no need to log in anywhere.
chess It's easy to find opponents, players can challenge each others, or can request pairing, where players with similar playing strength are paired together. Pairing parameters are customizable.
togother win chess games You can play many new games by entering for tournaments. You can enter tournaments after you have completed 5 games.
chessfree Game play is safe, because the server verifies each move, takes care of used up and remaining playing time, and records everything in logs.
free chess You cannot play invalid moves as the chess server checks that all moves are in accordance with the laws of chess.
live chess Privacy is taken seriously, email addresses are not given out, there is no virus danger here.
play chess free Time controls protect players from endless thinking, but give enough time, usually days, to play when they have free time.
chess vs computer opponent You can register several email addresses so that you can play from the office and then from home too.

The server verifies each move, records them in logs, calculates used up time, sends a message to the opponent, sends a confirmation to the moving player, and at the end of the game recalculates the ratings and rankings.
A wide range of notations is supported when sending in moves. Either the well known standard algebratic notation (Bxb7+), the long algebratic notation (Bc6xb7+), the coordinate notation (c6b7) and the correspondence notation (3627). A complete PGN text can also be used to send and receive moves.
Players can identify each other by nicknames. Nicknames are chosen during the registration and can't be modified later.
The chess server computes the rating of all players according to their finished rated games. It uses the Elo system supplemented with the Glicko method.
Our server is constantly being improved!

All chess friends, young and old, and of any level, are welcome in the club.

Enjoy your chess!

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To read the full license, go to Basically, the GPL says you are free
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you have any questions.

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